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Palm Tree Removal-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Palm Beach Island

Palm trees are one of the most beautiful species of trees. They provide a unique and elegant look to a landscape. They are mostly found on beaches because of their ability to withstand rough climatic conditions.

Why do you need to remove a palm tree?

There is no doubt that palm trees add much more to the beauty of a land. But sometimes you find it essential to get rid of them. Let’s suppose that there is a dead palm tree in your lawn or backyard. You cannot live and move freely on your lawn because it has a potential threat of falling debris. That is why you will have to do palm tree removal.

Additionally, when a palm tree is dead, it becomes home to infectious and hazardous diseases. It can become a home to pests and rodents as well. And you will not like your lawn or backyard to become a home ground of infectious diseases, will you?

Why is our company the best fit to remove a palm tree?

Our company, Palm Beach Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team is the best fit for this job because of our most experienced team of workers. We have well-trained and well-equipped arborists on our team who can take care of this task quite easily.

It takes special tools and specific techniques to get rid of a palm tree because it has quite a stubborn root in the ground. Our company possesses all of the latest and advanced technology tools and equipment for this job.

If you want to give it a try to remove a palm tree on your own, it will definitely be a bad idea. It has very sharp and knife-edged scales or fronds which can hurt you quite badly. Our company is the best suitable one for this task because of our most economical packages as well.

How do we remove a palm tree?

Our company utilizes an adequate technique to remove a palm tree from the ground. First of all, our expert workers will analyze the condition of the palm tree being removed. Then they will eradicate the leaves and fronds from the top of the tree. It will help to reduce the weight of the tree. The lightened canopy can be easily handled instead of a complex and crowded one.

Then we will dig up a hole around the stem of the tree to expose the roots. Once the roots are exposed, we will apply heavy and deep cuts on them so the main stem can be separated from its strong and stubborn roots.

Ultimately, our team will apply pressure on the stem to pull it off the ground and it will easily fall aside. Then the ground workers will remove the debris and the tree from the site. And the hole will be leveled and grounded again.

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